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Little Lions Lair

Dragon Teeth Dice Set

Dragon Teeth Dice Set

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This is a full dice set for your tabletop games and roleplaying!

The dragon jawbone can store up to two dice sets with an optional slot to store a single D2 dragon scale.

Additionally, the top of the jawbone works as stand for either a pencil, brush or a wand. The D20 rolls in a fun and unpredictable way, toppling back and forth.


Care Instructions

Resin is sensitive to UV light yellowing your art over time.

To prolong your beautiful artwork’s life please keep away from direct sunlight.

To clean it, simply wipe it with glass cleaner and paper towel.

Or hand wash with mild detergent and pat dry.

Do not use abrasive cleaners.

For 3D printed items please be aware they may be fragile and contain small pieces.

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