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Little Lions Lair

Dice Keepers Minis by Sea of Geeks

Dice Keepers Minis by Sea of Geeks

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These Polyhedral Dice miniatures are perfect for Roleplaying Games such as Dungeons & Dragons or just for collecting and painting.


Your mini will be printed using UV curing resin at an incredibly detailed 0.05mm layer size resolution. Once printed your miniature will be cleaned and cured.

Please note that due to the process of resin 3D printing your model may arrive with minor blemishes left by supports - similar to marks left on wargaming miniatures when removed from sprues or frames. These can easily be smoothed before painting.

~~Miniature Aftercare~~

Models made of UV cured resin can become brittle if overexposed to UV light over time. You can minimise the risk of this by priming, painting and varnishing/sealing your miniatures once you receive them.

Care Instructions

Resin is sensitive to UV light yellowing your art over time.

To prolong your beautiful artwork’s life please keep away from direct sunlight.

To clean it, simply wipe it with glass cleaner and paper towel.

Or hand wash with mild detergent and pat dry.

Do not use abrasive cleaners.

For 3D printed items please be aware they may be fragile and contain small pieces.

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